Time to Meet the Band:

@Sundown consists of 5 souls from diverse musical backgrounds. Their approach to song selection echoes that very same diversity. @Sundown takes the listener on a musical journey, catered towards a vast audience, and offering a pleasant surprise around every corner. Performing the greatest Rock, Funk, Blues, Alternative, and Reggae songs from various decades assures you that...

...The very best awaits you @Sundown!

Tim Eightay (Vocals/ Guitar/ Percussion)

Hailing from the musical mecca of Central Texas,  by way of Washington D.C.

Tim began his musical journey 25 years ago. Drawing inspiration from the blues masters, reggae pioneers, and rockers of all era's, Tim was simply put on this earth to create music. His soulful voice and masterful guitar playing weave the audio tapestry that is @Sundown.

Mark Rehfuss (Lead Guitar)

Beginning his 30 year love affair with the guitar in New Jersey.

Mark strove to merge his soul with the instrument. His style was directly molded by the who’s who of guitarists and bands that forged popular music. Mark’s passion and technique create the sonic landscapes that add color to the sound of @ Sundown.

Ashley Flynn (Vocals)

From Long Island, New York

Ashley began singing over 20 years ago. Her musical influences are as vast as her inherent talent for performance and love of music. Theater, choir and rock bands empowered her to add her voice, talents and unique texture to @ Sundown.

Freddie Williams (Bass)

From Savannah, Georgia

Freddie is influenced by Jazz, Funk, and Blues. He began learning his craft at the early age of seven. After playing bass in multiple bands and churches over his 40 year career, Freddies love for the bass is evident in the grooves he lays down in @Sundown.

Ryan Sessions (Drums/ Percussion)

From Savannah, Georgia

Ryan is an eclectic drummer with a taste that spans across the musical genre spectrum. He began playing as a kid and has the chops to prove it! Ryan's beats are what drive the band home and make him the foundation of @Sundown.